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In the village of La Pera, the way of doing things and of living is laid-back, welcoming, intimate and in harmony with the land and the authentic Empordà character. Come and enjoy La Pera with us.

La Pera is in the heart of the Empordà region, just 20 km from the beaches of the Costa Brava and 20 km from the city of Girona. La Pera covers a surface area of 12 km² and contains the north-eastern foothills of Les Gavarres Massif, as well as a large central sector, which makes up the valley called the Vall de la Pera. It is a large extension of land, which is unique as it is a countryside of cropland and forests dotted with hundred-year-old farmhouses.

Dalí and La Pera

At La Pera, you can visit four small villages: La Pera, Púbol, Pedrinyà and Riuràs. Each of these villages has its own character and mediaeval past waiting to be discovered. We encourage you to stroll through the narrow streets and get to know them better.

   La Pera    of prehistoric origin, developed in the Middle Ages, La Pera is the capital of the municipality today.
   Púbol    an important barony of feudal origin (11th century), it has one of the most highly visited museums in Catalonia: the Gala-Dalí Castle, which is part of the famous Dalí Triangle, along with Figueres and Portlligat.  
   Pedrinyà    documented since the 10th century, it used to belong to the barony of Púbol and contains the Church of Sant Andreu de Pedrinyà, one of the best examples of Romanesque art in the Empordà region.
   Riuràs    a hamlet consisting of six farmhouses, Riuràs was first documented in 1017. It has narrow cobbled streets, vaults and 17th-century farmhouses.

Dalí and La Pera

In 1969, Salvador Dalí spotted this place and purchased Púbol Castle, with the aim of transforming it and making a gift of it to Gala, his muse. Nowadays, the Gala-Dalí Castle in Púbol is one of the museums that is most visited in Catalonia.

Púbol Castle is also a clear example of Gothic-Renaissance style architecture, the style that prevails in most of the streets of the various centres that belong to La Pera and which you will be able to discover by observing the façades of the houses and manor houses, which enjoyed their greatest splendour between the 16th and 17th centuries. The charm of the narrow, cobbled streets, full of nooks and crannies in which life is peaceful, is very likely what captivated the genius painter and made him decide to set up his studio and Gala's refuge in Púbol. 

Vine a gaudir de la Pera, Púbol, Pedrinyà i Riuràs.
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